Coordination of R&D&I Policies and Their Coherence With Other Policies in Newly Acceded Countries
Welcome on the website of the COGNAC Project!

This website provides information about the European Coordination Action project, called COGNAC. This project is fully financed by the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Community  for Research Technological Development and Demonstration Activities.

In order to achieve the Lisbon objectives and make the Europe of knowledge a reality, Europe needs to increase and improve investment in R&D. In line with the increase, the effectiveness of the resource allocation and application has to be improved as well. This requires the improvement of the effectiveness and coherence of research policies at European, national and regional levels. This is the strategic objective of the proposal and we aim to achieve this goal by the coordination and exploitation of the synergies and results of the parallel programming activities on the basis of mutual learning between the project partners.

COGNAC project Final Conference
The final conference on the FP6 project called “COordination of R&D&I policies and their coherence with other policies in the Newly Acceded Countries – COGNAC” will be held on 13 January 2009 in Brussels at the Representation of Styria and we are inviting you to participate.